About Us

"Ayurveda treats not just the
ailment but the whole person
and emphasizes prevention of disease
to avoid the need for cure."

Narayanee Herbal Health Care Center is famous for its specialty panchakarma treatment. Narayanee Herbal Health Care Center keeps and practices the sublime discipline of Ayurveda.
Narayanee Herbal Health Care Center keeps high standards for the guest to relax and rejuvenate in its serene surroundings. Narayanee with all panchakarma facilities is situated in the city Aurangabad, the historical city a much sought tourist destination famed for its mesmerizing of Ajanta & Ellora caves,Deogiri fort and its historical background in the state of Maharashtra, India.
Narayanee Herbal Health Care Center had made achievements in treating thousands suffering from diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, low back ache, cervical spondylsis, psoriasis, allergic respiratory disorders , multiple sclerosis, age related mental stress and rheumatic diseases. Narayanee Ayurveda hospital is run by a team of Ayurveda professionals with experience of years The Panchakarma treatments like Vamanam, Virechanam, Vasthi, Nasyam, Raktha Moksham and Poorvakarmas like Sirodhara, Sirovasthi, Udvarthanam, Abhyangam are executed under the strict supervision of the doctors.
Narayanee offers various health care programmes in Ayurveda like Rejuvenation Therapy, Body purification Therapy, Body Immunity Program, Slimming Program, beauty care program & Stress Management Program.
Narayanee therapists trained from in-house training center are armed with genuine and scientific Ayurvedic applications. Narayanee doctors, therapists, and hospitality crew concentrate in making the guest mentally and physically fresh and fit to meet the challenges of the time.

Weight Loss


Anti Aging


Energy & Strength

Total Detoxification


Stomach Problems

Blood Pressure

Sleep and Diet


De - Addiction

Joint & Muscle Pain



Gynecological Problem

Anorectal Problem

Urological Problem

Beauty Therapy

Meditation Training

Skin Diseases

Heart Diseases

Mental stress